Recently I created a business plan which consists of several phases. No matter how much money we earn ‐ it will never be enough. From a business development side of things ‐ I found mself asking "then what?".

I wanted to implement a goal which would see me working towards a greater good. We had to live by the motto "to serve those who serve humanity". Actively participating in charitable roles will only happen once our foundations are "solid", and we are doing what we were "formed" to do.

Below are extracts from the email I sent a charity called "UP" - Unleashing Potential:

I understand Unleashing Potential have many projects, however the one which is more appealing to ourselves here at Scala are the Projects involving your mobile clinics.
We will be conducting a stock take soon, and as discussed ‐ some items will be rejected due to the nature of the British Market. This does not mean that these instruments are rendered unusable. In fact, what can cause an instrument to be rejected by the British market can be a minor issue. There is no reason why these instruments cannot be sold or donated to a different market if they are deemed safe to do so.
The reason we cannot diversify into different markets at the moment, or repair instruments with low value are because resources such as time and man‐power are very expensive.
We stock Class 1 Medical devices in London -UK and are limited by space. One our goals when int developing our business, we hope traders will know real-time availability of good quality stock whilst speaking to their customer. We will eventually separate goods into two categories, those that pass, and those that fail the UK market.
We will decide from those rejected items, which are worth getting repaired, (becuase of time constraints most will be rejected) vs which are worth repairing. Instruments we feel that are not worth repairing, can be sold or donated to another marketplace.
I can forward to the results of our stock-take to yourselves.We can agree a forecast of what goods need to be put aside in time for a planned collection. Details of the complete project to be agreed.
I will also speak to other charities to see if a donation like this could benefit their particular projects.
You mentioned a contact of yours whom I felt could help us diversify to a
particular market. If we treat this relationship like that of a sales consultant, you could assign the usage of the income generated for use in the sustainable projects of yours.